Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I am still doing great. but well it is just the 4th day so jeah.
i went running today again, but i managed to eat a bit too much.
i am thinking about liquid fasting at the weekend. Anyone wants to join me?
It would be great to have some support.

At the moment i just want to kill my flatmate. he put the regular dish washer liquid into the dishwasher and the hole kitchen floor was covered with bubbling liquid. arggghh is it so hard to make sure that you put the right dish washing liquid into the machine. that guy just irritates me to hell. (lets call him A from now on, i think i will be writing about him a lot, because he is an idiot).

I played some Need for speed on Play Station 2 today. mind you i haven plaid PS for like 7 years. i really dont play PS or X-box or any computer games. but this was actually fun. well and the boy i was playing it had fun making fun of my driving :P
Ok i am now going to catch up on your blogs and make some tea.

Stay strong


  1. I'll join you! Or at least try :) I love need for speed too! :D Good ol' fashioned games are the best! xx

  2. You have given me inspiration to try the SGD!!! Looking forward to hearing about your progress. xoxo

  3. i used to play nfs so long ago! i might start again, it used to be fun!

  4. i'd join if it werent for my parents constantly hovering xD I've been wanting to start juicing in the mornings for a healthy breakfast with no carbs :) dont cheat on it either, stick to it, and it'll do you good! ;)

  5. I think Im sort of behind here- are you going to do the liquid fast this weekend? I might join you :) - I recently bought a juicer and I love mixing sort of everything together lol ..

    but then again I am mostly only having one meal a day now a days so maybe I should just stick to that..

    Anywho - let me know if you do :)