Monday, November 12, 2012

Computer crashed

My computer crashed two weeks ago and I had very little Interenet access. At the moment I am writing this from my boyfriends computer.
I have no idea how long it will take to fix my laptop but I hope not very long or I will go crazy soon.
The weekend i spent with my mother  her place is a huge trigger to me and I binged pretty bad there. I love my mother but something there just makes me eat all the food in sight. So frustrating. I would like to spend more time at my mum's place but I really dont want to get fat.
I also did one positive thing yesterday, I went running and i loved it. I dont know why I stopped running in September, probably because of university work. Maybe if i had continued running I would not have gained all that weight back. Next time i will be smarter.
I am fasting today and it is going great so far.
I have an exam on Thursday and I should study for it but i am too lazy and I have no motivation.
It seems the only thing i care about is my weight and the amount of food i am eating.
But this really has to change because i want to pass all my classes.

I will update my progress in a few days.


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  2. How’s your computer now? Good thing you’re still online. Make sure you always back up your files, so you won’t lose any important data if your computer crashes again. Still rooting for your girl! : )

    - Benita Bolland -

  3. Benita is right. Backing up your computer will save you from despair you'll most likely feel when your computer crashed and you fear you permanently lost your data. Have them backed up online or to an extra drive so in case something happened to your computer, you freak out you lost your important file.

    Ruby Badcoe @