Tuesday, March 20, 2012

new things

My first day on my new diet went really great especially that i had a 3 day binge session before yesterday.
I do think i drank a bit to much juice and tea with honey so today i am going to focus on drinking lots of water.
Also great thing is that i went to a big supermarket yesterday and i found tofu. I know for most of you it is not a big thing but in the country i live in, we dont use tofu at all. And it is really hard to find a place where to get it.
so all tofu fan's, give me some ideas what to do with it. :)
i am also going to the gym later, probably some elliptical and then an hour long aerobics class.
at the moment i am watching "Chelsea settles"  for MTV.

Oh and to the comment: i have time to go to the gym because i dont have a job at the moment, but i am looking for one.

Sometimes i just want to pack my bag and , move to Australia or something. i am so fed up of my country. It is so small and i just want to live in a big city where no one knows me. I lived in the south of Europe for 3 months and i loved it. I loved to live in a big city, were no one knew who i am. I loved walking in the city center and feeling like i was alive.
Here it is just so depressing.
Yesterday i was looking outside and thought wohooo  i can go running outside soon and then in the evening it started snowing. so frustrating. i need to move someplace warmer. i like winter but only a month at a time.



  1. ah yes, I'm living in the very rural remote parts of New Hampshire right now, and can't wait to move to a big city after I'm done with uni!
    anyway, glad your diet is going well! xo

  2. I ditto the moving to somewhere warmer.. IT is really frustrating to live in a small town - and then have the snow on top of it. Gl again with everything,.