Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Havent been here for a while. I tryed to be ormal and eat normal but still lose weight.

Well that did not happen.
I am back in uni and well eating here is crap. I eat way too much and i have gained like 6 pounds from the beginning of September. I feel like a fat cow and look like one too.
I am starting my fast in 2 hours. and i want to last 5 days. only diet coke and water is allowed.
I have been bingeing the last days because i broke up with my boyfriend. I just did not love him any more. But it is stressful and i feel sad because we had a 2 year relationship and he was the person i could trust always but there was no love anymore.
I have to wait a week before i can move to my dorm. until then i am stressed and that is bad because i binge when i am stressed.
As i am single now i have even more reason to become skinny.

I will update how my first day went tomorrow evening and maybe introduce myself a little more.
Is there anything you would like to know about me?

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