Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 1. 500 kcal

Today is a 500kcal day.
of course i would like to fast but i know that it will just lead into a binge. So i will ease myself into not eating and shrink my stomach a bit. it is probably huge from all the binge food.

So i weighed mysealf and 63kg on the dodt. It is not my highest weight ever but pretty close to it.
And yes i am extremly mad at myself for letting myselg get here again. No mu fucking binges and purges (the will make you fat, well they make me fat because i dont always purge and when i do i dont get everything up)

I also took a befor picture but i will post it at the end of 31 days with the after picture.

I need to pay my rent today but i dont want to see my balance on my banck account. i am so shamed and mad at myself and discusted that i have spent so much money on binge foods this month.

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