Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 2

Good morning.

I weighed myself and i have last 0.5kg/1.1ibs. So that is great. Well at least it is a start and I have like 9.5kg to go.
It was hard not to binge yesterday. really hard.
 My mind was like: come on Sara one more day will not make a difference.
But it will, it will and i know it will.
Crap i hate my binge eating, like seriously it gives me nothing good.
It makes me fat and broke.

And i am also depressed. it is stil fucking winter outside. It is cold and sonwy and ice everywhere and slippery and I hate it. I want spring so I can start my running outside.
Running de-stresses me and that is what I need at the moment less stress.

well i did binge and purge today.
i guess this will be a lot harder than i tought.
Must keep going.
no giving up

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